Film screening and artist talk with Egs
May 12, 2023
For this year's Løkka-Lykke gatekunstfest, Street Art Oslo is working with the theme 'kunst i mellomrom' or 'art in in-between spaces', which is a term we have adopted to highlight several unique aspects of the art and culture field in which we work.
"Public Art" often describes a more formal and institution-based approach to art in public space, while we move in the spaces in-between. 'Kunst i mellomrom' thus refers both to a literal space, and the gap - or 'mellomrom' - between the established cultural industry and those outside.
Join us on Friday 23 June for the seminar: Kunst i mellomrom, which aims to give attendees a deeper understanding of the graffiti and street art environment in Oslo, and the art we get when formality meets informality in our shared public spaces. Pre-registration opens soon, but to express your interest in joining sooner please email: