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April 20, 2023
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May 12, 2023

Stencil workshop at Klimahuset


Date: Sun 25 June
Time: 1200-1500
Venue: Klimahuset (Naturhistorisk museum), Sars' gate 1
Age group: 3-16 (children under 12 should be accompanied by a guardian)
RSVP: here

Did you know that one of the largest collections of prehistoric art can be found in the Amazon rainforest? More than 12,500 years ago, the people who lived then made beautiful paintings and drawings on cave walls in the forest.

During Løkka-Lykke gatekunstfest 2023, we will mark World Rainforest Day together with the Rainforest Foundation. We therefore invite you to a workshop in Klimahuset, where you will learn how to create works of art using pigments and natural stencils that we can find in the Botanical Garden.

This workshop is part of the 'Skaperverkstedet' series of events in Klimahuset.