Løkka-lykke x Ungjobb
June 1, 2021
Street Art Tour
June 17, 2021

Løkka-lykke gatekunstfest is the first street art festival in Norway to use photocatalytic paint, thanks to support from local businesses Freia and Mills, and our paint partner Sto Norge AS.

Almost all brands of commercial paint create evaporation of chemicals into the atmosphere, so to balance this Løkka-lykke is introducing the use of photocatalytic facade paint as the start of a long-term commitment to sustainable practices.

The photocatalytic coating in StoColor Photosan actively degrades harmful nitrogen oxides and transforms them into harmless nitrates.

Since it´s inception, Løkka-lykke has had a goal to become Norway's first carbon-neutral or carbon-negative street art festival. With the support of our sustainability partners Mills and Freia, we are on our way to making Grünerløkka a little greener, one mural at a time.

James Finucane, Street Art Oslo:

“Street artists are often commissioned to create artworks based around themes of sustainability or nature, the contradiction being that, more often than not, the paint they´re using is releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

“I always felt this was a huge elephant in the room and something to be conscious of when planning Løkka-lykke. Introducing the use of photocatalytic paint into this year´s production is the first small step to reducing our impact on the biosphere, with a thorough review of the carbon footprint of all aspects of the festival´s production - from the artist´s travel and catering to the lifts and materials we use – still to come as we begin to plan future iterations of the event.”