Løkka-lykke gatekunstfest is an initiative from Løkka Gårdeierforening and Street Art Oslo, which springs from an idea to celebrate Grünerløkka's unique identity.


Each summer, artists from across the spectrum of street art are invited to produce site-specific artworks ranging from murals to small-scale interventions, with dissemination activities for the public such as workshops and guided tours.

The festival takes place during the first week of the school summer holidays - so that young people from Grünerløkka have the opportunity to participate in the event through Bydel Grünerløkka's UngJobb initiative.

Løkka-lykke´s primary goal is to provide a bridge between street art and graffiti subcultures and the wider public. We also aim for the artworks and activities that form Løkka-lykke to encourage people, both young and old, to explore this much-loved and unique neighbourhood, and experience the positive effects that street art can have in building pride in the places we live.